Heather and Tom's Great (blimp) Adventure  -  Take off:  Saturday  November 3rd 2001  1:00pm
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Heather Rear
We were a little hungover, but this was so cool!
Blimp Image
There were 30 people out there guiding the blimp.
Blimp Image
Here we go!  The windows were open.
Blimp Image
Not sure what this is. If you know, e-mail us.
Blimp Image
They let us wander all over the gondola.
Blimp Image
Downtown San Antonio
and the Tower of the Americas
Blimp Image
Another view of downtown.
Blimp Image Engine
This thing was powered by two Porsche engines.
Blimp Image San Antonio
A rather dramatic shot of downtown San Antonio.
Blimp Image Heather
This was too cool!
Blimp Image Spurs Stadium
Spurs Stadium under construction.
The SBC Center, now known as the AT&T Center.
Blimp Image
This is the largest blimp operating in north america.
Bigger than the Goodyear blimps.